Interactive Kiosks

To reduce queues and waiting time during rush hour, your customers place orders via an intuitive, multilingual and user-friendly touch screen interface and pay by credit card if they wish to. Once prepared, the customer picks up the order at the counter or can be served.


To ensure order accuracy, your customers drive to a kiosk (retail and quick service restaurant), place orders aloud, check it on the customer display and drive to the next window to pay and pick-up the order they purchased.

Ecommerce & Information

To advertise your products and extend your shelf space, your customers can use dedicated kiosks to let them discover your whole catalogue and/or place orders online.


To edit real invoices, your customers can scan their receipts barcode and have proper invoices printed.


The whole world is now connected and internet devices are becoming more and more like a store extension. Your customer experience takes place through the proliferation of touch points, engrained into all aspects of a consumer’s daily life. Our cloud ordering solution match your needs.

Start your customer journey

Connect to a web/mobile application.

Select a store.

Place an order.

Pay online.

Order Management

Our solution manages order distribution into the selected store via web servers. In your store, embedded software connect those orders to your POS system.

Collecting process

Pick-up your order at the store via an indoor or outdoor kiosk (retail and quick service restauration), or simply at a counter.


Digital Menu Board

Offer your customers a relevant experience thanks to our SMART Digital Menu Board. Promote your products in an innovative way and uplift your sales through a simple yet effective advertising platform.

Customer perspective

Give your customers the impression of renewed choice on each visit.

Brand perspective

Manage your items, media and customize your offer according to weather, time, day or any information that may affect your business.

Store perspective

Connect your Digital Menu Board with your POS system to ensure that price modifications are synchronised. Boost momentarily targeted products, manage availability, and increase the average spend by suggesting extra products.

Order Ready Board

Display the orders coming from the kiosks or cloud ordering to your customers and show your staff what orders need to be prepared.