Technology lovers at the disposal of Retail Outlets.

Back in 2004 Jacques Mangeot and Jalel Souissi, the two founders of the Acrelec Group, challenged themselves to create the Store of the Future.

To make it real, the two men recruited small teams of experts driven by their passion for technology to run their projects in a proactive, reactive and flexible way. They opted for industrial professionalism to ensure standardized production, effective roll-outs and tailored after-sales services.

Today, the Acrelec Group keeps pursuing innovation, watching every single market change and sets itself apart from its competitors thanks to turnkey, a modern custom-made solutions package chosen by some of the biggest retailers.


Advanced solutions for enhanced customer experience.

Acrelec Software aims at facilitating the access to new technologies.

Our 35 engineers and developers go in search of new cutting edge technologies, study them and mix them to offer you multi- and omnichannel modern solutions.

  • + Embedded Technologies

  • + Cloud Connected

  • + Performance and Hardware Monitoring

  • + Smart Content Management

  • + Multi-touch Interfaces

We keep fine-tuning the user experience through our solutions.


We turn an abstract idea into reality

Our Design and Engineering Department offers you a sleek and functional hardware that reflects your brand and perfectly blends into your retail outlet ‘s decor.

To supply you with a whole achitecture that meets your demand, we design, create and develop the mechanical and electronic structures following accurate specifications.

  • + Capacitive Touchscreens

  • + Electronic Monitoring

  • + Transflective Technology

Acrelec strive after modern sturdy hardware that facilitates maintenance operations, ensures the safety of operators and withstand extreme weather temperatures while being compliant with your local standards.