Acrelec Group acquires Macquart Compagnie

over 2 years ago

To ensure ongoing competitiveness and further drive quality, the Acrelec Group the leader in self-order kiosks, drive-thru and drive-to solutions for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Retail Outlet chains has acquired Macquart Compagnie, a company specialised in high precision fine sheet metal manufacturing, powder painting and wiring systems.

The acquisition of the company out of administration, was completed at the end of January 2015 with the 8000 square metre facility being based in Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes. This facility is less than 500m from the Acrelec Corporate Head Office. Macquart Compagnie comes within an unwaveringly client and quality driven business focus which perfectly complements the existing Acrelec practices.

By purchasing this industrial company, Acrelec secures the complete control of its whole business process. Acrelec has always designed, developed, assembled, and deployed its solutions for large chains in the QSR and Retail industries, from now on it also adds the manufacturing element which completes the end-to-end ownership process for Acrelec.

Under the terms of the administration agreement, the Acrelec Group committed to keeping 87% of the Macquart Compagnie staff (52 persons out of 61) and to integrating their activities into Acrelec’s business model. Sheet metal cutting, bending, welding, insert fitting and powder as well as silk-screen painting, are now part of the group’s business process.

The Macquart facility was seen by many as a leader in the high technology manufacturing processes both through the quality of their staff and their high end, high performance equipment. Acrelec fully intends to absorb this knowledge and technology into their processes to further their quality and production capacity.

As well as the additional capacity for Acrelec production another key aspect of this acquisition is the ability to dramatically cut the time taken to proto-type potential new solutions or modifications to existing solutions.